D10 Hydra-Cell High Pressure Coolant Pumps

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Model D10 Hydra-Cell High Pressure Coolant Pump


The D10 series of Hydra-Cell™ coolant pumps are the most common pump used for individual CNC machining centers.  The model D10 is capable of flow rates up to 8 GPM at pressures up to 1000 PSI.  It is designed to be installed horizontally alongside (or on top of) the coolant resovoir. The model D12 is a special configuration enabling installation vertically, akin to vertical centrifugal pumps, submerging the pump head into the coolant tank.

Although capable of 8.8 GPM with an 1800 RPM motor, the most common configuration is uses a 1200 RPM motor for a flow rate of 5.5 GPM at pressures from 75 to 1000 PSI.  The reason for this is that most applications do not require more than 5.5 GPM and therefore you are operating the pump more efficiently and recirculating the coolant less.  The sound of the pump/motor system is also reduced with a 1200 RPM motor, although the noise level will still be pushing 90 dBA.  We do not offer an acoustical enclosure.

Following are links to the catalog section, IOM manual and parts manual for the model D10 Hydra-Cell Pump.  We can generally ship fluid end kits the same or next day your order is received and pump lead time typically ranges from 2-4 weeks.


model D10 catalog pages
D10 Catalog Pages
D10 Owners Manual
D10 parts manual
D10 Parts Manual

(D10 pump D10EKCGHFECA, 5HP motor M500TE12F3P215TCA3, baseplate 104-032, adapter A04-002-1200, coupler A04-038-1203 and  pressure regulating valve C62ABBVSSEF)

Maximum free passage: 1/32" ≅20 mesh≅841μ≅0.84mm