Model D12 Hydra-Cell™ Pump


High Pressure Coolant Pump Model D12 for replacing Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps


The model D12 Hydra-Cell™ coolant pump is designed to be installed in a vertical orientation. The pump head can be submerged in the coolant tank or it can self-prime with a feed tube inserted into the tank.

The fluid end of the model D12 is identical to the fluid end of the model D10 Hydra-Cell Pump.  The difference between the two pumps is the special casting used for the back-end of the pump which enables the pump to function in the vertical position.

Features of the D12 pump housing include a "built in" pump/motor adapter, ensuring proper shaft alignment and long shaft coupling wear life.  It also has built-in ports to mount the pressure regulating valve to the pump housing, routing the bypass line back to the coolant reservoir.  The pump housing has hinges which can be used to attach the pump/motor assembly to the coolant reservoir in support of tilting the pump horizontally and servicing it without removing the entire assembly to a workshop.  You can check the required tank dimensions on page 7 of the Installation/Service Manual to ensure your existing coolant reservoir provides sufficient depth, width and length.


Access to pump head for service via hinged body


The model D12 is capable of flow rates up to 8 GPM at pressures up to 1000 PSI.  Although capable of 8 GPM with a 1800 RPM motor, the most common configuration uses a 1200 RPM motor for a flow rate of 5.5 GPM at pressures from 75 to 1000 PSI.  The reason for this is that most applications do not require more than 5.5 GPM and therefore you are operating the pump more efficiently and recirculating the coolant less.  A 1200 RPM motor is also slightly quieter than an 1800 RPM motor, so if you do not require more than 5.5 or 5.75 GPM, using a 1200 RPM motor is the best way to configure your system.


D12 catalog pages
D12 Catalog Pages
 D12 IOM
D12 Owners Manual
D12 parts manual
D12 Parts Manual

(D12 pump D12EKCGHFECA, 5 HP motor M500TE12F3P215TCA3, valve tube accessory A04-008-1200, coupling A04-038-1203, pressure regulating valve C62ABBVSSEF)

Maximum free passage: 1/32" ≅20 mesh≅841μ≅0.84mm