D04 high pressure coolant pump system


D04 High Pressure Coolant Pump for up to 3 GPM and up to 2,500 PSI


The D04 series of Hydra-Cell™ coolant pumps are a modified version of the D/M03 model pumps to output higher pressures, up to 2,500 PSI. High speed grinding tool cleaning and smaller through the tool coolant drilling applications benefit from the higher velocity. D04 pump systems are designed to be installed horizontally alongside the machining center.


D04 high pressure coolant pump catalog pages
D04 Catalog Pages
D04 high pressure coolant pump installation, operation and maintenance manual
D04 Owners Manual
D04 high pressure coolant pump parts manual
D04 Parts Manual


(D04 pump D04XABGHFECG,  5HP motor M500TE18F3P184TCA3, base plate 104-000, pump/motor adapter A04-002-1202, shaft coupling A04-028-1205 and pressure regulating valve C62ABBVSSEF)

Maximum free passage: 1/64" ≅40 mesh≅420μ≅0.42mm