Model M03 High Pressure Coolant Pump


M03 High Pressure Coolant Pump for up to 3 GPM at 1200 PSI

The M03 series of Hydra-Cell™ coolant pumps are lower capacity pumps typically used for lathing centers and grinding media unloading applications. The model M03 is capable of flow rates up to 3 GPM at pressures up to 1000 PSI.  (We do offer a version referred to as the D04 for pressures as high as 2500 PSI).


The M03 is designed to be installed horizontally alongside or on top of the coolant resovoir.  The maximum free passage is approximately 1/64" (0.015625") and thus adequately protected wit a 100 mesh (149 micron) strainer screen.

The M03 has a hollow pump shaft, so the motor shaft slides right into the pump, eliminating the need for a shaft coupling or adapter; the only special motor requirement is that it has a 56C NEMA frame which enable the pump to bolt securely to the motor.

M03 high pressure coolant pump catalog pages
Catalog Pages
M03 coolant pump installation, operation and maintaince manual
Installation & Service Manual
M03 high pressure coolant pump parts manual
Parts Manual

(M03 pump M03XKBGHFECA, 2HP motor M200TE18F3P56CA2, baseplate 104-052 and pressure regulating valve C62ABBVSSEF)

Maximum free passage: 1/64" ≅40 mesh≅420μ≅0.42mm