Hydra-Cell Pumps

Model D10 Hydra-Cell PumpModel D10 Hydra-Cell Pump Cutaway Model 


The sealless design of the Hydra-Cell pump is the "heart" of modern high pressure coolant systems due to its inherently reliable design.

The use of high-pressure cooling for machine tool operations has increased significantly in recent years because of the added benefits it provides in the removal of abrasive chips and lubrication in machine tool operation and in the cleaning and cooling of grinding wheels.

For more than 40 years of experience serving the industry, Hydra-Cell has proved itself in a wide range of applications including boring, deep-hole drilling, EDM machining, grinding, milling, multi-function machining, stand-alone systems, and chip removal. Featuring a seal-less design, it is ideally suited for pumping machine tool coolant at high pressure. Screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, and multi-piston pumps cannot match the rugged construction, versatility and performance of Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps for machine tool applications.

Run Dry Capable

The Sealless design enables the Hydra-Cell pump to run dry, thus foaming coolant does not cause damage to the pump as in the case of pumps with dynamic seals, such as screw, gear and multistage centrifugal pumps which can harm a pump immediately.

Priming the pump is made easy as no special precautions have to be made to make sure coolant is in the pump before started. This can eliminate costly errors by operators and maintenance personnel, simplifying system design.

Controlled Delivery at High Pressure = Predictable, Optimal Results
Since flow rate is dependent on the pump speed and not the discharge pressure, Hydra-Cell delivers precise, accurate flow best for the tool in use. Whether pumping thin water-based emulsions or thick cutting-oil coolants, the pump can deliver the flow rate with no dynamic seals to "leak" pressure". The consistent high pressure with controlled flow makes it easier for the pump to remove tool blockages providing more predictable tool life and work-piece quality.

Minimal Filtration to Protect the Pump
There are no mechanical seals or tight tolerances that need protection by fine filtration. Hydra-Cell can handle particles up to 800 microns in size (depending on model) and tolerate fines up to 9 hardness on the Mohs scale. This eliminates the expense of 10-micron filters needed for other pumps like gear and screw.

Low Power Consumption - 85% to 90% Energy Efficiency
With no "leaking" dynamic seals, energy efficiency is independent of coolant technology in the Hydra-Cell pump. Positive displacement pumping action and seal-less design minimize energy losses even when pumping water-based emulsion coolants. In addition, the lower HP requirement of the Hydra-Cell achieves the same performance but with greater energy efficiency and less power consumption.

See a video highlighting the surprising capabilities of the Hydra-Cell Pump!


Advantages of Hydra Cell High Pressure Coolant Pumps

• Accurate flow control maintains a constant rate of pressure for better performance.

• Operational efficiencies reduce energy costs.

• Seal-less design can tolerate solids up to 800 microns in size depending on the pump model.

• Can handle abrasive fines and metal particles enabling operation without fine filtration.

• Any type of coolant can be processed with no loss of efficiency.

• Can run dry without damage (or additional maintenance) in case of accident or operator error.

• Tolerates non-ideal operation conditions.

• Minimizes maintenance and downtime because there are no seals, packing, or cups to replace.


Typical Liquids Pumped

Challenges in Pumping

The Hydra-Cell Advantage

Cutting Oils
(Hydrocarbon or Synthetic)
Contains metal fines that damage other pumps unless used with an expensive fine filtration system. Seal-less design handles abrasive fine solids up to 800 microns in size.
Water-Based Coolants Water-thin liquids cause premature wear of dynamic seals immersed in the coolant.
Easily aerated, causing localized dry running conditions.
No seals to leak, wear, or replace.

Can run dry without damage to the pump.
Synthetic & Semi-Synthetic Water-Mix Fluids
(Clear or Translucent)
May have poor lubricating properties causing premature wear of dynamic seals immersed in the coolant. Pumping action does not require lubrication.
EDM Fluids, De-ionized Water & Paraffinic Hydrocarbon Oils Chemically aggressive and non-lubricating fluids that can cause leakage and wear problems for pumps with dynamic seals. Seal-less design and material options enable handling of aggressive fluids without seals that leak or wear.